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Friday, 11 May 2018 12:59

Naturally Occurring Arsenic

Naturally occurring (geogenic) arsenic seems to be a surprisingly common 'natural hazard' around New Zealand. Dave Bull and Bill Lines have encountered several sites from Otago, Canterbury, Waikato and even Wellington where arsenic exceeds Soil Contaminant Standards and there is no evident man-made (anthropogenic) source. Typically these sites are difficult to remediate because of the sheer volume and extent of impacted soil. HAIL Environmental has had a lot of success applying bioavailability assessment to such sites, to show that the 'contamination' does not pose as much risk as total concentrations might indicate, and hence minimise the need for management. These risk assessments have been accepted by territorial authorities including Thames-Coromandel, Queenstown Lakes and Tasman District Councils, allowing affected developments to proceed.

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