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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:05

Battelle International Sediment Remediation Conference, New Orleans. 9-12 January, 2017

Battelle International Sediment Remediation Conference, New Orleans. 9-12 January, 2017

Brendon Love recently attended the Battelle International Sediment Remediation Conference in New Orleans, following acceptance of a paper on the importance of stakeholder engagement in remediation projects. The conference is the largest sediment remediation conference in the world with over 1,190 scientists, engineers, regulators delegates and speakers in attendance. Brendon also attended two very informative workshops prior to the conference which focused on international best practice management in sediment remediation. Both the workshops and the conference provided useful insights into the latest tools that are being implemented on sediment remediation projects throughout the world, and what lessons have been learnt along the way. When asked about the conference Brendon commented, “There is really no other conference in the world that has the same amount of collective knowledge on sediment remediation gathered together.” The conference is of particular relevance to a current HAIL Environmental contract.

Brendon has been Project Manager on one of New Zealand’s largest contaminated site remediation projects, the Kopeopeo Canal Remediation Project for over two years. “The knowledge gathered during the conference will be put to good use on the Kopeopeo Canal Remediation Project”, Mr Love said. “It was a great honour to be selected to present at this conference. The importance of stakeholder engagement is becoming more widely recognised as being critical to the success of remediation projects.” Brendon’s presentation, that was co-authored by Andrew Kohlrusch from GHD Australia, can be viewed here (link to PDF attached). For more information on the Kopeopeo Canal Remediation Project visit




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