The contaminated site consultancy

Remediation or Management of Contaminated Sites

The selection of appropriate remediation or management options for a contaminated site is complex and influenced by a wide range of environmental factors and clients requirements. HAIL Environmental consultants have experience in the selection, design and implementation of an extensive range of remedial solutions. Our staff have experience in the design, construction, and monitoring of remediation systems for soil, groundwater, soil vapour, and sediment. We know what works through practical experience.

Often remediation options can be limited due to time constraints. In these situations HAIL Environmental will act as your agent and quickly secure appropriate consents, arrange disposal permits, engage contractors remove contaminated material, and undertake validation sampling and reporting to ensure your development can proceed.

Sometimes the most cost effective solution is to manage contaminants on a site through a combination of physical and institutional controls. Physical controls such stabilisation or encapsulation are designed to isolate the contamination thereby eliminating exposure pathways. Often they can be built into a redevelopment project. These types of solutions require long term management and monitoring to verify their long term effectiveness. HAIL Environmental can help prepare consent applications and undertake monitoring required to ensure compliance with consent conditions.

Whatever your problem HAIL Environmental will develop a remediation or site management solution that meets your needs. To discuss your site specific contaminated site remediation requirements contact one of our consultants today.