The contaminated site consultancy

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)

A PSI is often the first step required in assessing a contaminated site and defines what further action, if any, should be undertaken. In accordance with Ministry for the Environment reporting guidelines PSI should include a combination of desk top research, a site inspection, and interviews with former land owners. Our team have developed templates that ensure this information is collected and reported in an efficient manner which results in savings on time and cost. A PSI is used to determine if your site has had a former or current HAIL use or to assist in the design appropriate sampling and analysis plans to characterize soil and groundwater quality. A PSI can result in the following outcomes:

  1. It can determine that your site has not had a HAIL use and do not require further investigation or management in relation to contaminated land;
  2. It can determine that your site is or has a HAIL use but that the activity use is unlikely to result in human health activities associated with the proposed activity;
  3. It can identify that the location of the former HAIL use is on a small portion of the site thereby limiting the need for further investigation or management to the identified area only;
  4. It can inform the design of sampling and analysis for the HAIL activity ensuring a robust and defensible investigation.
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