The contaminated site consultancy

Emergency Response

Acting quickly to isolate and contain accidental releases of hazardous substances can save time, money and reputational damage. HAIL Environmental staff often work with other emergency services to ensure that environmental and human health risks are contained and the eliminated in a timely manner. Our staff are familiar with the management of a wide range of flammable and eco toxic compounds that may be released during accidental spills, fire, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Examples of emergency response include:

  • preparation and implementation of a sampling and laboratory analysis plan for a large container ship grounding
  • containment, investigation and clean-up of a diesel spill at a skifield
  • extraction of explosive vapours from an underground sewer pipeline to mitigate human health and property risks following a release of vapour
  • containment and investigation of a large release of chrome, copper, arsenic from a bulk timber treatment chemical storage complex
  • investigation and remediation of a burst heater fuel pipeline beneath a district library
  • containment and investigation of asbestos and vegetable oils and liquid foodstuffs from a warehouse fire.





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